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Thursday 30 November 2017

Trophy Competition - They think its all over.

Finally the new format double round robin Trophy competition has been finalised.  As previously reported it was a Nicoll one-two with father just pipping son for the win.
In the meantime Team Good is going to have to look to their laurels in our (final) Shots competition if they are going to escape relegation.  In the meantime, if Morgan decides to retire now and not compete in the shot competition, he would already be safe from relegation.  This I suspect is unlikely and we will see Nicoll Snr back to try and win the Grand Slam.
The Grand Slam could of course be decided on the President's decision as to who actually did win our Knockout.  The decision has been made but not yet revealed !!!  (The President's bank account details are available on request to the two involved skips!)

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