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Monday, 21 March 2022

She does it again

 In the final game of the season Vice President Julia was on a mission to humble Dale, who last week bragged about how many trophies he was currently holding.  Her mighty team also went on to secure the final trophy of the season.

So it's once again, congratulations to Julia Mackey, John Niven, John McOmish and Adam Hicks.


The game was followed by the usual, very swift AGM which took nearly 43 minutes this year...... But we did approve our first constitution since our formation in 1860 !

That was followed by a very convivial Dinner at Chez Murrayfield.

That is another season done and dusted, with the exception of our annual dinner and prizegiving which will be late April and will be announced shortly.

Friday, 18 March 2022

And Another Trophy Decided

Julia, spurred on, no doubt by Dales posting of all the trophies that he currently photographs himself with nightly was on a mission.  The first two ends of last nights Shots went to Team Maguire who then went to sleep and were eventually beaten in the remaining five ends, going down eventually 10-4.  

This result gives the Mackey squad a two shot lead over their rivals for the last Pies prior to their showdown on Saturday.

This result also clinched the Peter Allan Shield for the Mackey Quartet, consisting of Julia Mackey, John Niven, John McOmish and Adam Hicks.  CONGRATULATIONS !

Skip Mackey, on top of the world.


Tuesday, 15 March 2022

President v Vice President

Following a convivial early supper/snack the warriors took to the field of battle.  I don't know if the higher echelons of the club had fallen out but rather then the traditional President's rink playing against the Vice's Rink (as the competition title suggests) they decided to play on separate sheets.  This was perhaps convenient for what was to come.

The President's Team, headed by John Good started off like they were still playing in the shots competition (which I guess they were, kind of) got off to a magnificent 7 - 0 scoreline after two ends.  The early supper than seemed to take them into a post meal stupor and allowed Dale to battle back to reduce the deficit to two before John struck again with another big score of three.  The final score being 10 - 7

Meanwhile on a sheet not that far away, Vice Pres Julia's rink had a much tighter game against Team Wyllie.  The final score favoured the Vice President by 6 - 3.

When the sharp minds finally worked out that this meant an aggregate score of 13 - 13.  Just like the film Highlander, 'there can be only one' so we all know what that meant ........


So, it is congratulations to Vice President Julia for her win in her first President v Vice Game.

Also Woohoo, first video clip on the website (Thanks Adam).  Can anyone spot the moment where Julia realises that Rosie's stone is going too fast ?

Friday, 4 March 2022

Goodbye Thirds - Hello Shots

The final rubbers of the Thirds took place with little left to stake - The Steak (Pies) already having been settled.  This was just as well as The Howard squad took this opportunity to get their first point on the board against the previously unbeaten Wood team.  The Wood squad did manage to stay unbeaten by taking a three in the final end to peel the game.  The mid table teams also played off against each other and despite Team Niven defeating Team Wyllie, the defending champion's team claimed second place due to the additional three ends they had picked up throughout the tourney.  This was fortunate because if it had been down to shots up or total shots, the Niven Rink would have snagged second.

Now we move back to the Shots Competition where the pies are awarded to the team with the best 'shots up' score.  

Wins do not make for good eating BUT ..... wins in this competition do contribute to Peter Allan Shield results.  Its time for the skips to earn their crust and target which prize they are after !

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Important updates and Message from the President

The President v V. President’s match – this match shall remain as per syllabus on the 14th March at 7.45 pm.   We thought it would be convivial to meet before this game for a snack at 6.45pm. We hope that you can join us.  We will no longer have the AGM after this match as time is limited.

·      Saturday, 19th March at 2.30pm – CHANGE TO SYLLABUS – In addition to rinks B v C rinks A and D will also play at this time.  Please contact your skip ASAP if you can’t play.  These games will be followed by the AGM and end of season celebratory supper.



     RESERVES – We would be delighted if you would like to play in the P v VP match and, of course, we would love to see you at the light supper on the 14th .   You are also cordially invited to attend the AGM and celebratory/ support for Paul supper on the 19th.

Saturday, 19 February 2022

Pie Encounters of the Third Kind

 In a top of the table clash between the holders, Team Wyllie and the young upstarts Team Wood (well one

of us is young and the rest are upstarts) the destination of the 'Thirds' pies were decided.  With skip Wood deciding that they needed ends above everything else, the game commenced. The Wood squad settled their nerves with a huge five (pipe down team Niven, it wasn't a seven but we were playing for ends!) in the first end.  Thereafter Team Wyllie tried hard but it was one of those nights where they always seemed to get a bad rub.

So, its Congratulations, and a good supper, to Mike Wood, Graeme Maguire, Pam Clark and Adam Hicks for lifting the Thirds trophy.