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Friday, 22 March 2019

President v Vice - AGM and roundup

Congratulations to Pam Clark and her crew who won the final trophy of the season, due to the President (oops) botching his last shot (OK Dale, and several previous ones) to let the Vice Presidents team steal the trophy by 1  shot.
The AGM set a new record of 30 minutes and say Pam elevated to President and we welcome Rosie as our new Vice President so once again we have an all female executive team (and Mike, of course).

A big THANK YOU to all our new members and reserves, who have stepped up, when injuries struck, to keep the club matches running.

PLEASE REMEMBER - The Club Dinner and Prize Giving will be on Fri 26 Apr 7 for 7.30pm - Longniddry Inn (NOT Aberlady, Mike !!!) - Hope to see you all there.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

It has Popped !

Determined Sandy
Victorious Sandy
Congratulations (again) to Sandy and his team consisting of Dave Wyllie, Cathy MacLean, Liz Nicoll and Alasdair Robertson.  With a decisive win against his father he added the Peter Allan Shield to his trophy shelf.  This win also puts Team Nicoll Jnr in pole position for the Shots Competition.  I only hope that his trophy shelf is big enough and that he can handle all the steak pies that might be coming his way.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The Fizz stays on Ice

Last night was Team Nicoll's first opportunity to seal the Peter Allan Shield.  Unfortunately (?) he will have to wait another week.  A determined Maguire squad, engaged in their own battle with 'Faither' Nicoll (for the wooden spoon), managed to inflict Sandy's second defeat of the season to lift themselves off the bottom of the table, where Morgan's victory over Team Wood put them on Sunday.
On paper Mike's boys n girls could still lift the Shield but that would require help.  Sandy only needs one win from his last 2 games.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Shots Competition

And so it begins......
Remember that this competition is based on Shots Up only......  But....
The wins/losses/ends also count towards the resumption of the Peter Allan Shield hostilities.
We got off to a narrow win for John Good over Team Nicoll Snr last night.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Points Competition 2018/19

A small, but quality, turn out along with a non-playing referee, enabled us to complete 10 exercises this year.  The tenth is normally reserved for tiebreaks but due to having plenty of time we elected to play it.  This was possibly a mistake because it allowed our leader to 'clear off' while creating a three way tie for second place!  The subsequent Draw the Shot for second place was inconclusive with no players putting their stone in the house ! - At this point we decided to retire to the bar.
Sandy once again supplanted his father (who did not defend his title due to a 'long run' in the Yara!) as our points champion, while Karen took the ladies crown for the fourth consecutive year.  Karen was also the only player to secure an 8 in any exercise, thus proving that Karen is indeed 'striking'.
The extra end did enable a couple of players to rise up the 'all time' tables with Dave Wyllie beating his previous best by a whopping 72% and puts him in 5th in our 'since records began' table

Thirds - Winners

Congratulations to John Niven and his team of Pauline Alexander, John McOmish and Mike Wood. With a target of winning at least three ends to take the title, they held fast and had achieved their goal in the fifth end against Team Dale.  This gave them a 4 - 2 lead but they celebrated in style by taking a 3 in the next end, giving them the final score of 7 - 5.  It looks like nerves played a part in the final round with Team Howard having blinked slightly more than our deserved winners.
Congratulations are especially due to two new members having joined during the season.  John McOmish who played in stead of Tegan Williams (another new member, who is still injured) and Julia Mackey who took over skipping when Stuart had to withdraw (with another injury).  It is always difficult to skip with and against teams that you do not know the strengths and weaknesses of.  Julia however was a quick learner and won her last couple of games with relative ease giving her a third place finish in the league.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Thirds Competition - update

With the final round to play, the league is finely balanced.  The top two teams, Stan Howard and John Niven, who peeled their head-to-head, lead and cannot be caught.  They are on the same points and currently have won the same number of ends. Despite Team Howard having scored one more shot they are second at the moment with a total of +3 shots up compared to Team Niven on a score of +7.
Clearly ends and shots may be important in the final games.
Meanwhile, the remaining three teams are all on two points and the final podium step is still available.  Teams MacKay and Callander will be trying to make lives difficult for our leaders, being involved in their own personal battle.