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Wednesday 15 November 2023

Trophy @ 50%

With the first round of the Trophy Competition complete John "The Tache " Good and his squad take a narrow lead over Teams Maguire and Mackey.  So far no teams have 100% records with one game being peeled and another running to a 1 shot win.  

It is still anybodies for the taking.

Monday 30 October 2023

Opening Bonspiel/Knockout/League

Despite late call-offs due to a spate of illnesses and injuries (coinciding with the Rugby World Cup final), three teams of three set about a new format for the opening Knockout/league/bonspiel competition.  This was to be decided by Total Ends won over two five end games.

The first game saw Graeme (who traded Pam to the undermanned opposition) squaring off against  John Good's duo (and Pam).  A tight game that ended up peels with 3 shots each but more importantly John winning the last end to be up by a single end.

Second up was Graeme's team again against Julia's squad.  Graeme took a while to adapt from playing a drawing game to Julia's hitting style.  Again a tight game peels in shots and ends going in to the last end which Julia took by a single shot.

The final game, fittingly saw the two winning teams, each with three ends under their belt face each other.  John struck hard and fast taking the first two ends leaving Julia having to win the next three to take home the 'pies'. Julia took the third end but John secured the fourth giving him an unassailable lead and hands were shaken.

Congratulations to John Good, Rosie Clark and Pam Clark (grateful now for the team swap!) who take the Knockout (!) Trophy and the seasons first Steak Pies.

Friday 20 October 2023

Season 23/24

 Apologies for the late update.

The website has now been updated with the latest version of the Syllabus, which can be printed off.  The minor additions have been the draws for the Province Competitions, which can also be found on the Fixtures tab, above.

Hopefully the website will be fully updated and fit for purpose tonight.

Thursday 9 March 2023

President v Vice

 Sixteen specially selected men and women arrived to battle for their selected captain.  Rosie, our
president, again decided to play as second, delegating her skipping duties to Dale and her counterpart on the next sheet Graeme.  Meanwhile Julia, vice, took her duties seriously along with her nominated counterpart, Mike.

Both games were tense and nervy, with Julia even electing to blank her second end. After five ends, both games were tied at three shots each, Graeme while drawing for a two tapped Mike' stone up to drop a shot for the Pres, fortunately Dale and Rosie took a single, keeping the overall game tied after six ends.  That was when Dale (and Rosie) decided to turn up the temperature and the biggest score of the night by stealing a three!  Despite a fightback from Julia, she only managed a two in the final end.

The aggregated scores were President 11 and Vice President 9

So, for the final time this season it is a BIG congratulations to the outgoing (literally and socially) President Rosie Clark and her teams of Dale, Daniel and Suzanne and her deputes Graeme, Dave W, John N and Cathy.

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Update - Corrections

 The results for the Peter Allan and the Shots Competitions have been updated to reflect the Mike/Graeme game which was a default game (not a peel as originally posted).

The Day/date of the Annual Dinner and Prize Giving (above) has now also been amended.  (The time and date were put in my Google diary when I was still in the 'Pacific Time Zone and it compensated !)

Monday 6 March 2023

Nail Biting Finish for the Peter Allan

With Graeme still jet lagged the Peter Allan Shield still required some work to be done.  With on and off

ice discussions about a Default win, Adam was lent to an under manned Team Wood, so a game could be played.  As this was Team Mackey's and the Maguire Squads final games Julia needed a win, which she got to almost ensure the Shots Title while Graeme, with an ends and shots advantage needed a peel to take the overall.

The game (and the title) came down to the final two stones which saw Mike make a miraculous shot to edge out Team Maguire.  With the 'hammer' and his final stone of the regular season, Graeme answered the call with a delicate draw and diagonal tap back to take the end and secure the peel.  No further discussion of a 'default' game was needed (although it continued in the changing rooms).

So it is congratulations to Graeme Maguire, John Good, Adam Hicks (who Graeme will NOT be lending to the opposition in any future games as he played too well for Mike!) and Ian Campbell.  They started out the season strongly and managed, at the end, just to hang on to their advantage.

Monday 13 February 2023

Province Knockout

The semi finals saw the holders, Haddington, being comprehensively beaten by Team Aberlady.  The other game saw  Dirleton triumph over Yester.

After a short break, it was back onto the ice for the victorious teams.  Aberlady got off to a strong start with twos in the first and third ends with Dirleton only taking a single in end two.  This gave Aberlady a 4-1 scoreline after three ends.  From there, it was one way traffic with Dirleton taking the remaining four ends.  It was still a tight match with them only managing to take more than a single in one of these ends.

The final score was 6 - 4 to Dirleton.

Big Congratulations to Julia, Dave W, Cathy and Adam. 

To put this in context, Aberlady have only won this competition once before (2007/08 - Mike) while Haddington have 12 titles to their credit.