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  • 25-4-24 Thrs 18.00 for 18.30 - Annual Dinner & Prize Giving - Howie's, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh
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Friday 29 March 2024

President v Vice President and AGM

Despite being restricted to one sheet, all be it with 9 people playing, it was a high scoring and high quality game played on fast and swingy ice.  With David playing precision weight and Julia striking whenever the opportunity arose (and sometimes when it didn't), the protagonists traded twos and threes leaving the game tied after six ends.  El Presidento Julia then took a 2 in the seventh but in the spirit of the game played quickly enough for an eighth end.  Unfortunately the cheering crowds were not treated to a 'Draw the Shot' finish and the President took the game by 10 - 7.

In a departure to normal, it was then upstairs for food.  The usual splendid fare was offered and the AGM was very convivially held during the tray bake and coffee part of the proceedings.

The president did her best to keep control and eventually managed to bring the meeting to a conclusion inside her half hour time frame.

Although there were no changes to the committee for next season, our treasurer, Mike Wood has informed us that he will be stepping down after Season 24/25.  If anyone wishes to volunteer Mike will be happy to be shadowed next year for a smooth transition.

Friday 22 March 2024

Leagues Complete

The final game in the Shots and Peter Allan were played out between Team Julia and Team Maguire (led by an inspired Adam Hicks).  The result was a narrow win for Miss President which ensured her of the last pies for the season, while there was again no change to the standings for the Peter Allan Shield.  Thus ensuring successful defenses of both trophies.

So it is Congratulations to Julia Mackey, Daniel Peart, Mike Wood and the Jillian Bradfield/Sheena Munro combine for winning the Shots Trophy.  (This also means that Julia and Daniel are our only 'double pie' winners !)

It is also Congratulations to Graeme Maguire, David Wyllie, Adam Hicks and Pam Clark for lifting the Peter Allan Shield.

Finally, also thanks to Julia and Graeme, who, out of our 7 skips, were the only ones that managed to average more than 7 ends per game (7.28 for the record)

Friday 16 February 2024

The Thirds Showdown

As previously posted it was a tight final and deciding game between the Wyllie and McOmish Teams with
the leaders, The Peart Squad, leading in the clubhouse.

With Lead John Good and Third, Adam Hicks playing on other sheets, Team Wyllie was bolstered with Eilidh Troup (University) and  Elaine McDiarmid, who both played exceptionally well.  It seems unfair to single them out, as all eight players upped their games for a high quality game.

It became apparent quickly that, needing at least a 6 end victory, that the McOmish Team would not secure 'The Pies' when they lost the first three ends.  However they struck back for the game by taking a 5 and the lead in the fourth end.  Consecutive 2's in the next two ends, with the hammer saw the Pies Destination swinging back and forth.  Going in to the final end John McOmish was 1 shot up, with David Wyllie needing a 'peel' (ie 1 shot) with the hammer to take the Title.  With John playing a raise onto the button with his last stone David was left with a very difficult final shot and was not far away from getting it.  The final score of the game was 8 - 6 to John McOmish.

That left all three teams on two wins and two losses.  The winners based on Ends were Daniel Peart, Dale Callander, Rosie Clark and Julia Mackey. 

The other two teams were left on thirteen ends each and had to be separated by 'Shots Up' with the runners up spot going to Team McOmish.

Commiserations to Team Wyllie who were within two shots of taking the crown and ended up after a VERY close league in third spot.

Monday 12 February 2024

Thirds League - progress

The interesting result from the Peart v Wyllie game  means that with one game to play, theoretically any of the three rinks could still taste pie at the end of the season.

The leader, in the clubhouse (behind the glass?), is the Peart squad.  The final game is between David Wyllie and John McOmish.  If Team Wyllie win or peel, they win !  The McOmish  route to pie is a bit more complicated.  They need to win (which would likely demote Team Wyllie to the wooden spoon) and take at least SIX ends and a SEVEN shot winning margin (or just win SEVEN ends). 

May the force be with both teams.

Housekeeping - Dinner & Shots Competition

Our annual dinner & Prizegiving (which all steak pie winners Will want to attend - Julia, should we auction any pies unclaimed on the night - LoL) is provisionally on :-

Thursday 25th April - Arrival 6 for 6.30 - at Howies, Waterloo Place, EDINBURGH.

All members including reserves and partners are welcome to attend a very social evening.

Julia will circulate more details soon..

Shots Competition will commence 22 Feb 2024, 

Zach from our group of New Stone Reserves will be playing as Team iv on the syllabus and above.  The other teams will be i previously A,  ii previously B and iii previously C.  The competition is a Shots Competition, so the Team with the best Shots Up record will win.  The league will be a single round robin.  NB. Wins etc for teams i - iii will count for the Peter Allen Shield.

Tuesday 6 February 2024


With a depleted field of only 4 taking to the ice, it was a 'relaxed' Points game.

Julia was assured of Best Lady and as defending ladies champion played second to Graeme, the defending champion played first.  The ice was very stiff, with only four players seeing some 'strike' stones barely being back ring and plenty of draw and guarding shots being hogged.  Never the less, it was the same for everyone.

At the half way mark, Dave Wyllie was in a narrow 2 point lead from Dale, with Julia and Graeme lagging and separated by only 1 point.  Graeme wins the consistency prize for scoring the same in the final four exercises as in the first half but that was still only good enough to win the Wooden Spoon, a spectacular fall for last years winner.  Dale faded but still managed to secure 3rd with Julia the only player to score more in her last four exercises than in her first five.  (Note to all other skips, she played the difficult convoluted shots better than she dis her strikes, draws and guards).  Meanwhile David continued to plug away and end the session with a commanding win by 6 points.

Stats show that only Julia and Dale had any Zero scoring exercises while Graeme joined them with a run of five consecutive no scores.  No-one score an 8 point exercise, although Dave did score two 7 point exercises.  

FINALLY.  It should be noted that Julia incorrectly added up the scores ! (Just in case you are looking for an accountant)

CONGRATULATIONS to our Vice President and President for taking the spoils.

Monday 29 January 2024

Waldie Griffiths and Chanty News


The Province defense of The Waldie Griffiths this year will be against Angus Province will again be held over two sessions.  The first will be held at Murrayfield on Sat 9-3-24 @ 15.00 and the second will be held at Forfar on Sat 23-3-24 @ 11.30.  Two rinks will play in each game and the Rinks will be selected by Morgan Nicoll.

The Chanty will NOT be held this season as Border Province have been unable to obtain the appropriate ice and facilities.