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Friday 29 March 2024

President v Vice President and AGM

Despite being restricted to one sheet, all be it with 9 people playing, it was a high scoring and high quality game played on fast and swingy ice.  With David playing precision weight and Julia striking whenever the opportunity arose (and sometimes when it didn't), the protagonists traded twos and threes leaving the game tied after six ends.  El Presidento Julia then took a 2 in the seventh but in the spirit of the game played quickly enough for an eighth end.  Unfortunately the cheering crowds were not treated to a 'Draw the Shot' finish and the President took the game by 10 - 7.

In a departure to normal, it was then upstairs for food.  The usual splendid fare was offered and the AGM was very convivially held during the tray bake and coffee part of the proceedings.

The president did her best to keep control and eventually managed to bring the meeting to a conclusion inside her half hour time frame.

Although there were no changes to the committee for next season, our treasurer, Mike Wood has informed us that he will be stepping down after Season 24/25.  If anyone wishes to volunteer Mike will be happy to be shadowed next year for a smooth transition.

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