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  • 25-4-24 Thrs 18.00 for 18.30 - Annual Dinner & Prize Giving - Howie's, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh
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Monday 12 February 2024

Housekeeping - Dinner & Shots Competition

Our annual dinner & Prizegiving (which all steak pie winners Will want to attend - Julia, should we auction any pies unclaimed on the night - LoL) is provisionally on :-

Thursday 25th April - Arrival 6 for 6.30 - at Howies, Waterloo Place, EDINBURGH.

All members including reserves and partners are welcome to attend a very social evening.

Julia will circulate more details soon..

Shots Competition will commence 22 Feb 2024, 

Zach from our group of New Stone Reserves will be playing as Team iv on the syllabus and above.  The other teams will be i previously A,  ii previously B and iii previously C.  The competition is a Shots Competition, so the Team with the best Shots Up record will win.  The league will be a single round robin.  NB. Wins etc for teams i - iii will count for the Peter Allen Shield.

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