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Tuesday 6 February 2024


With a depleted field of only 4 taking to the ice, it was a 'relaxed' Points game.

Julia was assured of Best Lady and as defending ladies champion played second to Graeme, the defending champion played first.  The ice was very stiff, with only four players seeing some 'strike' stones barely being back ring and plenty of draw and guarding shots being hogged.  Never the less, it was the same for everyone.

At the half way mark, Dave Wyllie was in a narrow 2 point lead from Dale, with Julia and Graeme lagging and separated by only 1 point.  Graeme wins the consistency prize for scoring the same in the final four exercises as in the first half but that was still only good enough to win the Wooden Spoon, a spectacular fall for last years winner.  Dale faded but still managed to secure 3rd with Julia the only player to score more in her last four exercises than in her first five.  (Note to all other skips, she played the difficult convoluted shots better than she dis her strikes, draws and guards).  Meanwhile David continued to plug away and end the session with a commanding win by 6 points.

Stats show that only Julia and Dale had any Zero scoring exercises while Graeme joined them with a run of five consecutive no scores.  No-one score an 8 point exercise, although Dave did score two 7 point exercises.  

FINALLY.  It should be noted that Julia incorrectly added up the scores ! (Just in case you are looking for an accountant)

CONGRATULATIONS to our Vice President and President for taking the spoils.

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