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Thursday 16 November 2017

Stats - Trophy Competition

With the Trophy Competition nearing its conclusion, Morgan still has an unbeaten record, with 2 games to play.  He also has an impressive 20 ends won (compares to 8 lost) which is an average of 5 ends won per game.  This is 3 ends clear of Sandy but with a game in hand over Sandy.
Morgan is also 17 'shots up' which means that his average win has been by 4.25 shots per game.  This is where his son gets the better of him with an average win of 4.6 shots. 
Sandy has amassed 49 shots in his 5 games, which means that his average score is merely a tickle away from 10 shots (he still has 1 game left to try and reach that milestone.
At the other end of the table Mike, still leads John G by having scored 13 ends to John's 9 (although John still has a game in hand).  Mike is also 10 'shots up' better off than John, although both teams have conceded the same number of shots.
The season opener, defaulted game between Mike and John could yet prove to be very important.

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