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Monday 27 November 2017

A Difficult Few Days

RCCC District Medal
This year the RCCC threw up as our 'random' draw - Haddington.  This seemed less random than a derby match.  Our team pool was considerably shortened by illness, work commitments and especially our players having been pre booked by our opposition.  Our team consisting of Mike Wood, Graeme Maguire, Pam Clark and (supersub) Stuart Ronald were...... outplayed would seem an appropriate word.
The loss of a 3 in the first end resulted in our team never being able to settle, while Haddington, led by Dave Munro settled into a smooth groove.  It wasn't until the fifth end that we managed to get on the score card.  The final score was 8 - 2, so congratulations to our neighbours for their well deserved victory.

East Lothian Province Knockout
This time we were up against East Linton and again 'up against' would seem to describe it.  This time, led by John Good, Dale Callander, David Wyllie and Pam Clark, we took an early lead in the first end, however E Linton fought back with a 2 in the second.  A single in the thrid saw us draw level again but that was the last point that we managed to score.  The rest of the game was a tight affair with all the remaining ends going to singles but the final score was 5 - 2 against.  Congratulations to East Linton and we wish them good luck in the semi finals.

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