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Monday 6 March 2023

Nail Biting Finish for the Peter Allan

With Graeme still jet lagged the Peter Allan Shield still required some work to be done.  With on and off

ice discussions about a Default win, Adam was lent to an under manned Team Wood, so a game could be played.  As this was Team Mackey's and the Maguire Squads final games Julia needed a win, which she got to almost ensure the Shots Title while Graeme, with an ends and shots advantage needed a peel to take the overall.

The game (and the title) came down to the final two stones which saw Mike make a miraculous shot to edge out Team Maguire.  With the 'hammer' and his final stone of the regular season, Graeme answered the call with a delicate draw and diagonal tap back to take the end and secure the peel.  No further discussion of a 'default' game was needed (although it continued in the changing rooms).

So it is congratulations to Graeme Maguire, John Good, Adam Hicks (who Graeme will NOT be lending to the opposition in any future games as he played too well for Mike!) and Ian Campbell.  They started out the season strongly and managed, at the end, just to hang on to their advantage.

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