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Thursday 9 March 2023

President v Vice

 Sixteen specially selected men and women arrived to battle for their selected captain.  Rosie, our
president, again decided to play as second, delegating her skipping duties to Dale and her counterpart on the next sheet Graeme.  Meanwhile Julia, vice, took her duties seriously along with her nominated counterpart, Mike.

Both games were tense and nervy, with Julia even electing to blank her second end. After five ends, both games were tied at three shots each, Graeme while drawing for a two tapped Mike' stone up to drop a shot for the Pres, fortunately Dale and Rosie took a single, keeping the overall game tied after six ends.  That was when Dale (and Rosie) decided to turn up the temperature and the biggest score of the night by stealing a three!  Despite a fightback from Julia, she only managed a two in the final end.

The aggregated scores were President 11 and Vice President 9

So, for the final time this season it is a BIG congratulations to the outgoing (literally and socially) President Rosie Clark and her teams of Dale, Daniel and Suzanne and her deputes Graeme, Dave W, John N and Cathy.

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