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Tuesday 15 March 2022

President v Vice President

Following a convivial early supper/snack the warriors took to the field of battle.  I don't know if the higher echelons of the club had fallen out but rather then the traditional President's rink playing against the Vice's Rink (as the competition title suggests) they decided to play on separate sheets.  This was perhaps convenient for what was to come.

The President's Team, headed by John Good started off like they were still playing in the shots competition (which I guess they were, kind of) got off to a magnificent 7 - 0 scoreline after two ends.  The early supper than seemed to take them into a post meal stupor and allowed Dale to battle back to reduce the deficit to two before John struck again with another big score of three.  The final score being 10 - 7

Meanwhile on a sheet not that far away, Vice Pres Julia's rink had a much tighter game against Team Wyllie.  The final score favoured the Vice President by 6 - 3.

When the sharp minds finally worked out that this meant an aggregate score of 13 - 13.  Just like the film Highlander, 'there can be only one' so we all know what that meant ........


So, it is congratulations to Vice President Julia for her win in her first President v Vice Game.

Also Woohoo, first video clip on the website (Thanks Adam).  Can anyone spot the moment where Julia realises that Rosie's stone is going too fast ?

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