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Friday 4 March 2022

Goodbye Thirds - Hello Shots

The final rubbers of the Thirds took place with little left to stake - The Steak (Pies) already having been settled.  This was just as well as The Howard squad took this opportunity to get their first point on the board against the previously unbeaten Wood team.  The Wood squad did manage to stay unbeaten by taking a three in the final end to peel the game.  The mid table teams also played off against each other and despite Team Niven defeating Team Wyllie, the defending champion's team claimed second place due to the additional three ends they had picked up throughout the tourney.  This was fortunate because if it had been down to shots up or total shots, the Niven Rink would have snagged second.

Now we move back to the Shots Competition where the pies are awarded to the team with the best 'shots up' score.  

Wins do not make for good eating BUT ..... wins in this competition do contribute to Peter Allan Shield results.  Its time for the skips to earn their crust and target which prize they are after !

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