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Friday 19 November 2021

Aberlady - The Swan Raid

 At a certain persons suggestion, we entered the Swan Trophy competition for the first time in at least a couple of decades.  Finally, with the inclusion of David McKey (neither a relation to any of our other Davids or Mackeys) a friend of John Good's from 'The Vets' our 8 players took on a very impressive Mid-Calder team.

Our, and their, teams were split almost on an ageist basis.  Our youngsters go off to a bad start while the older contingent held on to the oppositions coat tails, even forcing them into a blank end in the third.  But things were not going to stay like that for long.  The youngsters (no, I'm not going to say who was in either team!) tightened their game up, a bit, but unfortunately not their scoring rate, while the oldies started running out of puff.  Soon it became an internal contest to see which or our teams would receive a smaller beating.

We ended up, surprisingly, in second place and not qualifying for the next round. 

Despite the scores all of our valiant eight seemed to enjoy themselves and some got to see an entirely different style of game from our club leagues.  Some drinks were had with the opponents and I wouldn't be amazed if we repeat the experiment next season.

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