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Tuesday 4 October 2016

Congratulations to Sandy

Sandy is the first entry on our list of club winners for the season.
On paper the two teams looked well matched, the problem was the game was played on ice not on paper.  The final scoreline, looked a comfortable win in the knockout final for Sandy's rink of Mike Wood, Cathy MacLean, and Stanley Simpson but in practice it was a much closer game than that.  There were some excellent shots and playing from both teams, requiring much thought and delicate play.
Graeme's rink, in truth probably lost the game in the first 2 ends.  Graeme was looking for an early lead and asked for some risky shots from Karen (substituting for Stan Howard).  Their loss was limited to a single in the first end but a four in the second end was a major blow. Two excellent draws through a narrow port put Graeme on the scoreboard.  Sandy, riposted with a brilliant wide strike and angled roll against a possible four to get take a two.  With the game lost Graeme had two stones counting and his last stone to come opted to try for a three, again drawing through a narrow port, but like the first ends was a millimeter off and popped Sandy in for another single.
Final score 9 - 2 for Sandy and a well deserved win for his squad.

....... and now for the Club Trophy

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