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Friday 30 September 2016

Knockout start to the season

Traditionally the Knockout marks the start of our season.  This year saw Morgan's team, led by Lindsey take on brother Sandy, while the reigning champion John Good took on Graeme.

Sandy, playing with only three players took some time to adjust to the reduced sweeping power that has become his hallmark.  This allowed Lindsey, aided by George, Pauline and Pam to take a 4 - 0 lead after three ends.  Sandy, with Cathy and Stanley, was not to be denied and recovering his form took two shots in the next three ends to run out a 6 - 4 victor.

Meanwhile, Graeme got off to a good start and was 3 - 0 up after two ends (despite the opposition removing stones during a measure, and leniency being dispensed).  John G, aided by Dale, Dave W and Karen, came back with a two in the third end.  The fourth end was decisive with Graeme, Stan and John S getting off to a poor start leaving Graeme facing a well guarded five with his final stone.  The shot having been decided, a draw weight taking a roll off one of John's stones was played, and succeeded, albeit, rolling off a different stone from that originally intended.  Graeme then stole a single and left John needing a four to win.  John piled the stones in while Graeme guarded second shot, leaving John with a tricky double take out to take his four and win the game.  The wide strike was an ask too much and went wide giving the final score 5 - 3 to Greame's rink and meaning that there will be a new Knockout champion this year.

The game was followed by a supper in the bar.

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