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Friday 30 September 2016

Season 2016/17 starts at the very Beginning.

It was a successful  'Beginners' night, with four new faces being coached by Karen, Graeme, Sandy and Rosie.
Following a brief introduction and description to and of the game a 4 end game followed, with an Old v Young format being decided by Sandy.  Despite a few protests, along the lines of 'Who do you think you are calling old'  the game got underway, with our 'coaching staff' playing lead and skip of the two teams.  It wasn't until early in the first end that Skip Nicoll started asking his beginners for strikes.  The other team led by Rosie, who learned a lot about the game by performing as skip, played a more traditional game.  The result was, in the end, immaterial as ALL the players enjoyed their first session.

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