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Tuesday 25 August 2020

Provisional Syllabus

The Provional Ice allocation has now been released by Murrayfield.  Our Provisional syllabus can be found on the Fixtures Tab.

Due to Social Distancing Rules adjacent sheets will have start times staggered by 30 minutes.  We have not yet been informed which 'stagger' we will be allocated on which dates.  Actual start times should be either as stated on our syllabus or 30 minutes later.  The syllabus will be corrected when we are informed.

As previously announced the ice for our 'Knockout' competition has been reallocated to allow last seasons games to be completed.  Please note that the teams for the President v Vice 2019/20 and the Shots Decider 2019/20 are/will be listed in the left hand panel of the syllabus.  The SKIPS should ensure that all the players are aware and that they will have full teams.

Other Covid related information for players will follow.

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