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Monday 3 August 2020

House Cleaning - Updates and the C Word

Due to the Covid closure of the ice rink last season, we have some outstanding games.  The committee has decided that the Knockout Competition for season 20/21 will be cancelled and the ice slots used for The outstanding President v Vice President game, which will open our season followed by the concluding Shots Competition between Dale and John Good.  Dale has a sizeable lead but can still be caught.

Due to many uncertainties over the coming season our playing roster has 'slimmed down' resulting on only 4 rinks for the coming season.  It has been decided that the Trophy Competition AND the Thirds Competition will be decided by a double round robin. The Shots Competition will remain a single round robin.

There will be many safety changes at Murrayfield this season.  These are subject to change before the season starts.  Some of these changes as as follows:-

Start Times - session times will start at different times on different sheets, adjacent sheets will commence 30 minutes apart, ie sheets 1,3,5 & 7 will start at the same time, while 2, 4 & 6 will start 30 minutes later.

Changing rooms - Please arrive dressed to go curling (with the exception of shoes) as there may not be changing facilities.

One Way -  There will be a one way system with separate entrance/exit doors.

Payments - ALL payments will be via your membership card - No cash payments.

Cafe/Bar - We are unsure what extent these will be available.

Playing - It is probable that there will only be one sweeper per stone, with sweepers restricted to BETWEEN the hog lines. (Skips will sweep, if they can be bothered, from the hog.  No sweeping of opposition stones)

Face Coverings - It has not yet been decided if face coverings will be required on ice, but should be worn elsewhere.  Further info when it has been received.

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