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Wednesday 31 October 2018

Trophy at 50%

There are no run away winners, so far, with all teams having suffered at least 1 defeat.  Team Mike Wood heads the pack, supported by new member Tegan with 2 wins and a defaulted game.  Father and Son skips were obviously not 'working together' and took points off each other leaving Team Nicoll Jnr in second slot, 1 point behind Mike.  Team Maguire, however got off to a slow start, only fielding three players in their first three games by coming back strongly to in their last 2 games, leaving then two points off the pace, with team Nicoll Snr snapping at their heels.  Meanwhile Team Good sits strongly (holding the rest of the teams up) and suffering badly for their forfeited game, where they actually beat out leaders.
Hopefully the second half of the competition will be as entertaining as the first !

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