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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Normal Service - Resumed

Apologies for having missed the start of the season, for reasons of motorbiking pleasure.
I have now returned and will be updating the site as normal.  I am trying to catch up with the results of the games that I have missed and will update them when I get the score cards.
In the Meantime.

Mike v Sandy
Mike suffering from a first time failure of the (now scrapped) Rota system, took on Sandy short handed.  A score of 4 for Sandy in the third end seemed to halt Team Woods resistance and Sandy went on to record a 10 - 4 victory.
Lindsay v John G
Lindsay deputising for her dad, as is now traditional in the Knockout, had a tight fight against a short handed Team Good.  With John leading 6 - 3 after five ends, Linsday made good use of the last two ends to record an 8 - 6 victory
FINAL - Sandy v Lindsay
The final, between two previous winners, ensured that the KO would be won by a (born) Nicoll for the third successive year.  Team Sandy obviously had a point to prove with a dominant performance, although the feminine side of the family (is she still family, now she is married?) ensured that he couldn't score more than 2 per end. Team Sandy however restricted 'big sis' to a single end and took the title with a 7 - 1  scoreline. 
The Nicoll family should be warned, they have never won it 4 years in a row !
Congratulations to Sandy, Dave Wyllie, Cathy Maclean, Liz Nicoll/Alasdair Robertson

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