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Thursday 16 March 2017

League Round Ups

After a considerable gap in games, we have now completed all our league games.
The first league to wrap up was the Thirds, one game having been postponed when the cooling pipes in the floor burst earlier in the season (This is why we need a new floor and why you should all support the appeal to upgrade our facilities).
Appropriately the game was won in fine style by George Chisholm's rink, being skipped by Karen.  They served a 13 - 5 beating to Dale's rink.  In terms of league positions, this game was merely dotting I's and crossing T's as the table was already topped by Mike wood and his band of merry men and women.  This win confirmed that George's team took second spot.
In the Shots competition, there was also a one sided result, in favour of Morgan.  A 14 - 3 win over Graeme's rink saw Morgan move from bottom position to top the table and lift the title.  Graeme however slid from joint lead to the bottom.  This win means that Morgan and his rink, of George Chisholm, Raymond Preston/Pauline Alexander and Pam Clark lift the Shots Trophy.
The conclusion of the Shots also finishes the Peter Allan Shield contributing matches.  This had long since been won by Sandy Nicoll's team and Graeme's rink had captured the vital relegation slot.  Morgan's win in the final game saw him leapfrog John Good (something that would be worth watching) and secure second spot in the table.
Now all that is left is the President v Vice President game on Monday 20-3-17 followed by supper and the AGM.

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