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Wednesday 9 March 2016

..... and now the end is near

With one game of the regular season remaining there are still 2 titles up for grabs:-
Shots competition.
After a few big scores at the start of the competition, the results have calmed down.  Last nights game between Graeme and Mike (ok Karen) caused  an upset by producing Team Maguire's first win and Team Wood's first loss in this competition.  This lost Mike his lead in the standings with both teams now finished.  The final game between Sandy and John G  is now key. 
Sandy would require to beat John by 12 shots to be sure of taking the crown however should John win, the crown will be his.  If Sandy was to beat John by between 2 shots and 11 shots, Mike Wood and his squad would walk away the winners.
Peter Allan Shield
The remaining game will also settle the destination of the Shield.  With Mike on two wins, due to his poor start to the season he is destined to collect the wooden spoon and face demotion.  The remaining teams are all on three wins but with Graeme's season complete his team look destined for third spot.
The Peter Allan Shield will therefore go to the winner of team Good and Team Sandy.  In the event of a peel, John Good would be the likely victor with a superior 'ends' tally.
Good luck boys and girls....

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