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Thursday 25 September 2014

Mixed Fortunes for the Nicolls

With the seasons initial skirmishes complete, there were mixed fortunes for the Nicolls in the opening round of the Knockout Competition.  With the holder, Morgan, away hob-nobbing with the Ryder Cup players, Lindsey stepped up to skip her dad's team.  With the score showing 5 - 3 down after four ends she steadied her troops to take the last three ends to beat Mike Wood 9 - 5.
In the other game Sandy took the helm as his first game as a full skip against John Good.  He took a while to settle and taking a three in the last end gave the scoreline some respectability but still recording a 7 - 5 loss.
The Final on Wednesday 1st October will be between Morgan (or Lindsey) Nicoll and John Good.

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