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Wednesday 9 October 2013

Knockout Final

Our first winner of 2013-14
Amidst allegations of match fixing and in-game betting, the knockout final was keenly contested between Mike Wood's rink, (led by Graeme in Mike's absence) and Morgan's rink.  Momentum in the game swung with almost every end which were usually decided by several shots.
In the first end, with Morgan lying two, Graeme had a take out for a potential five but was caught out by some straight ice but still racked up a two.  Morgan fought back taking two successive threes in the second and third ends before Graeme again squared the match with a four for a six all scoreline after four ends.

Morgan came back and re-established a two shop lead in the next end while Graeme's rink scored the first single of the game to go into the final end one down and without the hammer.

In the final end with a shot on the button, Graeme was slightly heavy (again) with his guards and Morgan with his last stone to come faced three blue stones jammed together on the button, but with a chance of a triple take out.  His shot was close leaving only a single blue stone lying on the button to peel the game at eight all.

In a tactical error Graeme let Morgan take the first shot in the 'draw challenge'.  With a little sweeping he ended half in the 'four foot'.  Graeme, cheered on by George Chisholm, Lindsey Nicoll and John Niven, followed his earlier form and played slightly to heavily to just hang on to the 'four foot' circle leaving Morgan's rink of Dale Callander and Rosie Clark the winners by half a stone.

The knockout competition complete, it is now on to the opening game in the Trophy Competiton.

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