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Thursday 3 October 2013

It's a Knockout

Old and new friends assembled last night and caught up on tales of a good summer (for a change).  Then it was down to business as usual.
In game one Graeme v Morgan, it was wondered if Graeme's third Sandy had been knobbled by his father resulting in his knee injury.  His place was taken up by Lorna (and for the last 3 ends Karen).  The game was notable for missed opportunities, by both skips (but mostly Graeme).  The man of the match was very much Dale 'call me lucky' Callander who managed to take a surprising number of doubles, even when there was no apparent doubles to take.  The final score shows a 5-3 win for Morgan.
In game two John G's side played steadily taking four of the first six ends.  Mike in contrast had two big ends tying the score at 7-7 going into the last end.  Mike eventually taking his first single of the match to end up on top.
Morgan will now play Mike in the Final on the 9th October 2013.

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