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Tuesday 23 January 2024

Thirds - at half way mark !

2024 hostilities have commenced with a Thirds game between teams McOmish and Wyllie.  It was a close run affair with a skips occasionally electing  NOT to throw their final stones !  The final score was  7 - 6 to Team Wyllie.

At the half way mark the Peart squad lead the way after their two wins, they also have advantage of being 'ends' in hand too.  One more good win could see Daniel secure the crown.  The Wyllie squad will not however give up, so Daniel needs to continue looking in his rear view mirror.  Its not yet all over for the McO Rink, who although they have lost both of their games, both being close run affairs, but they need to get their house in order soon.

Game on.

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