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Tuesday 13 December 2022

On The Beach - Xmas Special


Well done to everyone for, once again, being the talk of Murrayfield, even though some of the older witnesses felt slightly queasy at the sight of Graemes 'knees'.  With the group photographs successfully out of the way, the 13 players, trying (mainly unsuccessfully) to establish various alcoholic flavours of seaside rock, took to the ice. A big shout out to Annabelle who stepped up to skip her rink and appeared to be the only person (other than Graeme) able to read, follow and impart instructions/rules clearly to the other players.  A good time seemed to be had by all, although it must be noted that only one player had to be penalised for the 'silent' end.  That person was President Rosie who was unable to hold back a 'guffaw'.  In the end, the results were extremely tight with the convenor and his team of Rachael Macrae and Rosie 'guffaw' Clark running out the winners with 7 points, ahead of Team Dale(Adam and Cathy) with 6.5 points.  Third was the Martin squad (Pam and Ian) with 6 points and finally the Good Rink (Megan, Sheena and David McK) with 5 points.

Most of the players then, after having got dressed, stayed to enjoy soup and sandwiches courtesy of Paul.

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