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Tuesday 8 November 2022

More Pies

Graeme & Adam playing in the rain
The awaited Trophy Finale saw a top of the table clash, which was a repeat of last season and the Knockout, between Team Julia and Team Graeme.  The Maguire squad, minus one Adam Hicks, set their minimum target to win at least 3 ends, set off as though they meant business.  The Mackey squad had an evening dogged by bad luck (and that was the ONLY luck that they had). 

Although the final result shows a four end to three win for Team Maguire, all of Julia's ends were kept contained to single shots while Graeme's team were picking up shots right and left.  Both skips regularly making good use of their final stones.  The final score was 12 - 3.

So, it is congratulations to Graeme, John G, Adam and Ian for the winning and successful defense of the  Trophy Competition.  This also gives them a handy lead for the Peter Allan Shield.

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