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Monday 17 October 2022

Early Birthday Present

The Knockout Final was a repeat of last season, with Julia playing off against Graeme.

Graeme's rink got off to a flying start taking the first three ends.  The game was fairly evenly balanced though.  Graemes squad were winning ends but mostly by single shots while Julia's team were picking them up two at a time.  After six ends, Team Mackey were still playing catchup but were only 5 - 4 down.

Graeme finally made his last stone count and took a two leaving Julia needing three shots to peel.  Due to several takeouts, this was looking unlikely when Graeme played another strike, through a port to further restrict Julia's chances, when he got a lucky (no such thing, it's all skill - ed.) double to remove the shot stone and set up a steal of 3 for the title and more importantly, the PIES.  

The final score of 10 - 6 did NOT reflect the game.

Congratulations to Graeme Maguire, John Good (who had a belter of a game), Adam Hicks and Cathy Maclean (subbing for Ian Campbell)

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