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Thursday 21 November 2019


What Can Friends Make?
All nine first-timers at a very busy Aberlady TryCurling session on 3rd November had been encouraged to come by one or more of our members.
That says a lot for the persuasive skills of the members who did the recruiting, and their enthusiasm for the sport. There was at least one common response from the friends we asked: “Curling? Yes I’ve seen it on tv. Sure, I’d like to give it a go”.
President Pam Clark introduced the Club’s team of herself, David Wyllie, Julia Mackey and John Good. The newcomers stepped on to the ice with smiles which, thankfully, lasted without hesitation or deviation - but with lots of repetition – all the way through the session.
The only moment of contention was when the result of the last end was declared, as some folk wondered if there had been a plot to ensure that both teams had the same final overall score. Even if that had been the case, all players happily shook hands and joined the President for a cuppa in the Clubrooms.
We gave participants what-to-do-now sheets. The very good news is that within a few days ________ had committed to one of the Beginners’ Courses at CurlEdinburgh.
Here’s hoping that before too long we’ll all welcome some new members ready to curl in our Club.

John Good.

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