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Thursday 15 November 2018

Welcome Julia

Please note that Julia Mackey has recently come over here from Canada on a 2 year contract
It is nearly 10 years since Margaret played with us and I remember how much she shook up some of the establishment (Willie in particular springs to mind!)
Julia is an accomplished curler who is comfortable playing in any rink position. She played a game for Aberlady last night (so some of you have already met her) and I quote 'is very good'

Please let us make her feel welcome and give her every chance to play games as a reserve, maybe we can persuade her to become a rink player (skip?) next year !
Her details are as follows:-
Julia Mackey
Julia DOT mackey AT hotmail DOT ca
She only has a Canadian mobile number just now but hopes to have a UK mobile in the next week or so.

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