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Tuesday 10 October 2017

The Knockout

We have a Winner - or do we ?
The first rounds saw the Final being contested by Morgan Nicoll's squad and Team Wood.
The After an early start by Mike, Morgan edged ahead while the teams swapped 3's, although Morgan always held the upper hand, drawing into the lead then being pegged back.  True to form, Mike scored a 3 in the final and and peeled the game. 
There ensued a discussion as to the club rules (which although they exist for the leagues are strangely silent regarding the Knockout).  In order to make a decision, they decided to play a Draw Shot, and argue about the winner later.
The eventual result was that Mike's team would be the winners, IF the game was decided on ends BUT....
Morgan would be the winner if the Draw Shot was the decider.
As this game has no bearing on the other competition, an anonymous ballot will be held amongst the 'non-involved' committee members and the result made known at the prize giving!
(I really hope that there are an odd number of committee members for the vote!)

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