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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Province Knockout 2013

With a deeply unpopular fixture time of a Saturday in mid December, Graeme, Lindsey, Dale and Julie set out against a Dirleton team led by Callum Harvey.  Our team took a while to get their minds off Christmas festivities and by the start of the fourth end were trailing by six shots to nil.  The game then swung, like the ice, in our favour and with some precision shots and guarding we took the next three ends to produce a more respectable 6 - 3 scoreline.  Dirleton were not about to lose a fourth consecutive end and proceeded to remove everything we put in the house.  Callum played his final shot against two of our counters, splitting the house and on the tee line, knowing that Dirleton had already won the game.  That didn't stop him drawing to the button and making the final score seven shots to four.
There is always next year.

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