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Monday 11 November 2013

The Aberlady Pairs

..... and so, with the web-cams running, the gallery packed with coaches and anxious spectators, our pairs competition got started.  Fortunately all the fans, cameras, commentators etc. on the gallery were there to watch the semi-finals and finals of the 2013 Edinburgh International and not our little game.

Following a run through of the rules by Umpire Morgan five teams commenced their round robin battles.  While Morgan and Dale were trailing in their first game, the Umpire extended to the games to four ends rather than three, without success, they were still trailing after four.

Amidst the screams from the adjoining sheets the competition unfolded.  Pausing briefly for the Umpire to change the rules again to a total shots format, this time because he 'ran out of paper' it became clear that there were going to be a run away winners and that it was not going to be our President and Umpire combo.

Congratulations to Sandy and Karen who were, on the day, unstoppable and to Dale and Morgan who took the 'Low Road' by coming second by a single shot from Graeme and Lindsey.  This result was confirmed by the managing committee who carefully examined the Umpire's reports and calculations and didn't understand a single scribble.

Well done to our winners and to Morgan who managed, under difficult circumstances to run a good competition which was enjoyed by all the players.

Congratulations also to Mike and Barbara Wood who, in the gallery watched their son-in-law, Dave Edwards win the Edinburgh International, for the second time.

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