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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Individual Points 2013

Club President Liz Nicoll welcomed nine Aberlady members to the annual Individual Points competition on Sunday 13 January 2013. Some had great expectations, considering Points stalwarts Morgan Nicoll and Graeme Maguire were absent as they were part of Scotland's current challenge for the Strathcona Cup in Eastern Canada. Not all were to be realised.
Youth, and response to inter-personal competition from cohorts Lorna Nicoll and Karen Munro, saw Sandy Nicoll concentrating intensely to finish the winner with 33 points. John Good, in finishing second with 30, ruefully mused that he did quite well considering the lack of any of the benefits enjoyed by Sandy!
Karen Munro, with her usual fluent style, might have been second overall but for a zero score for Raising, and finished on 28 making her First Lady.
The results after the completion of eight disciplines were:
Sandy Nicoll            33
John Good               30
Karen Munro            28
Lorna Nicoll              27
George Chisholm      25
Dale Callander          25
John Smail               20
Cathy Maclean         17
Pam Clark.                 15

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