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Wednesday 26 September 2012

And we are off ........

Our season got underway with the Knockout competition on Tuesday night.
In a hard fought game Morgan edges out Mike's team 6 shots to 2, while on the other sheet John Good's team looked to have the edge over Graeme's squad with a 5 - 1 scoreline after 4 ends.  Thanks in part to Sandy's double takeout and raise a comeback was mounted and Graeme ran out the winner 11 shots to 5.
With all 4 teams playing there was a chance to compare notes on who had the wettest summer and to meet Pauline Alexander, our newest player, over supper.  This also gave us the opportunity  to try out and welcome the new caterers at Murrayfield, Lorette and Bruce.

The competition result is, as usual posted on the results page.

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